Teepee Facts

A teepee is not a tent: it’s a practical lodging option

The modern camping tent is designed for short term and seasonal shelter.


A teepee is sophisticated technology that has been developed over thousands of years of use as a shelter to live in all year long.

Easy to set up and take down:

Our typical camping teepee can be raised in less than half an hour,

and it can be taken down even more quickly.

Central heating and solar heating:

Have you ever experienced camping in a tent and being cold during the night only to wake up to sweating in the heat of the early morning sun? Or, have you ever camped in a tent in winter?

A teepee can quickly and easily be adjusted to maintain solar heating for warmth or to ventilate excess heat, depending on the situation. Unlike a tent, a teepee can have an open fire inside to warm up the living space with radiant heat. An inner liner can also be added to keep the inside warm and cozy, even in the winter and in the snow.

Natural air conditioning:

Do you have memories of camping in a tent that was as hot as a sauna and had no air circulation?

A teepee has natural air conditioning! Thanks to teepee technology, the temperature inside the teepee can be easily adjusted to produce an air draft that quickly cools down the temperature of the space to a pleasant level, up to 15 degrees cooler than the outside ambient temperature.

Extreme weather:

In a raging windstorm, we have watched our teepee stay steadily in place as each tent around it has blown away.


A properly set-up teepee is remarkably wind-resistant. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape it stays firmly planted on Mother Earth during storms.


During an earthquake, most dwellings become dangerous places to be. Crawl under a table; protect yourself!


Teepees are flexible and move with the earth. They don’t collapse in earthquakes. Lie down and remain calm!

Find out about Mukwa Teepees workshops.

Learn more about teepees and experience this amazing technology: CALL 604-436-0335


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