Our Company and Services

Mukwa Teepees is a genuine Aboriginal business in West Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We manufacture authentic teepees following the Anishnabe tradition for the design. We  manufacture the covers, as well as harvest and finish the poles ourselves. Our first teepee was fabricated 30 years ago, and is still being used today.

Satisfied Mukwa Teepees clients include: private individuals, companies, organizations and institutions. By design our teepees are of the highest quality, durable, and a safe haven all year long, in all types of weather.

Our sturdy, fire-retardant teepee  is very popular with retreat centers, outdoor activity centers, camp sites, resorts and lodges. Many have offered the teepee as alternative accommodation, and have experienced success surpassing their expectations.

We provide Mukwa Teepees customers with clear instructions about the proper use and maintenance of their teepee. Teepee set-up training seminars are also available.

We also supply related teepee services such as teepee transport, teepee set-up and/or take down, and teepee repair.  Our teepees are sold as part of a complete teepee package that includes everything you need to use your teepee . Replacement teepee components and accessories are also available.

A Mukwa teepee is custom-made to fit your specific needs and tastes and comes in a complete package, ready to set up and use!

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